The AA Most Hot 100 of 2013

Welcome to ‘The Double A Most Hot 100’ of 2013! It may share a similar name with another list released this weekend, but this one is a little different. Entirely undemocratic, no polls were taken for this collection of ‘hot’ songs: it is simply a collection of some of my favourite songs released last year sorted in an approximate order of likeness from ‘most hot’ to ‘hot, but perhaps not as hot as others’. Sure, I’ve already written about 96 songs from the year during my Top Tracks 2013 series. However, this gives me a chance to acknowledge some of the songs which never made it to those posts for whatever reason.

I also have a few self-enforced limitations in place here which I should note: (i) only one song per artist is allowed (otherwise it would probably feature 83 John Zorn songs), and (ii) anything released on an album or EP in 2013 is eligible. Therefore, songs initially debuted in 2012 but then released on an album in 2013 are fair game (e.g. “The Mother We Share”, “Bad Girls”, “Chum”, etc.). Likewise, singles released throughout the year but not on an album/EP per se are not considered (e.g. “Hedron” by BADBADNOTGOOD). Also, although I listened to a lot of new music released in 2013, I obviously couldn’t listen to everything. There are also a few albums which received critical acclaim yet I just couldn’t get into, such as Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City and …Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age. So there is likely to be plenty of notable omissions and there is also a good chance that your favourite song isn’t represented. But that’s okay! This is my list. Go and make your own if you want.

I have compiled all available songs into a Spotify playlist for those interested. Otherwise, I present ‘The Double A Most Hot 100’ for 2013 below:

  1. “Dream House” by Deafheaven
  2. “Fix My Life” by Melt Yourself Down
  3. “Dance of Sappho” by John Zorn
  4. “Retrograde” by James Blake
  5. “Ninja Re Bang Bang” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  6. “Open” by Rhye
  7. “Spectral Split” by Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory
  8. “Full of Fire” by The Kniφe
  9. “To See More Light” by Colin Stetson
  10. “Avant Gardener” by Courtney Barnett
  1. “The Mother We Share” by Chvrches
  2. “Wakin on a Pretty Day” by Kurt Vile
  3. “Small Plane” by Bill Callahan
  4. “Latch” by Disclosure
  5. “Open Eye Signal” by Jon Hopkins
  6. “Brennisteinn” by Sigur Rós
  7. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” by David Bowie
  8. “T.H.M.” by Deerhunter
  9. “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.
  10. “You” by Keaton Henson
  1. “Q.U.E.E.N.” by Janelle Monàe
  2. “Fall Back” by Zola Jesus
  3. “Gustavo” by Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle
  4. “Hero Brother” by Sarah Neufeld
  5. “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West
  6. “Jubilee Street” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
  7. “Stony Ground” by Richard Thompson
  8. “Even When the Water’s Cold” by !!!
  9. “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire
  10. “Overdose” by Zomby
  1. “I Was an Eagle” by Laura Marling
  2. “Drew” by Goldfrapp
  3. “You Might Think He Loves You…” by Death Grips
  4. “Was The Sacred Day” by Matana Roberts
  5. “Reach for the Dead” by Boards of Canada
  6. “Stay Away” by Charli XCX
  7. “FOURTH TEETH” by True Widow
  8. “Come To Me” by Lily & Madeleine
  9. “Home” by Austra
  10. “Brainfreeze” by Fuck Buttons
  1. “Across the Tappan Zee” by Glenn Jones
  2. “Absolute Control” by Nails
  3. “I See Seaweed” by The Drones
  4. “Live Room” by Tim Hecker
  5. “Strife” by Savages
  6. “Baby Blue” by King Krule
  7. “A New Life” by Jim James
  8. “City Swans” by Neko Case
  9. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles
  10. “Chance” by Bardo Pond
  1. “Song for Lana Weeks” by Bill Frisell
  2. “Hello Stranger” by Julia Holter
  3. “Sea Legs” by Run the Jewels
  4. “Colorado Blue” by Alela Diane
  5. “I Never Lock That Door” by About Group
  6. “Away/Towards” by Hookworms
  7. “Centrifugal Forces” by Kendl Winter & the Summer Gold
  8. “Don’t Swallow the Cap” by The National
  9. “The Wire” by HAIM
  10. “bladelores” by Autechre
  1. “only tomorrow” by My Bloody Valentine
  2. “No” by Primitive Calculators
  3. “You, The Invisible” by Danny Paul Grody
  4. “Amethyst” by Low
  5. “Snake Chapman’s Tune” by Robbie Fulks
  6. “Don’t Get Any Closer” by Eluvium
  7. “San Francisco” by Foxygen
  8. “Woodbine” by Windhand
  9. “Excavation (Part 1)” by The Haxan Cloak
  10. “I Built a Town” by Mount Moriah
  1. “Byegone” by Volcano Choir
  2. “Say That to Say This” by Trombone Shorty
  3. “A Different Time” by John Medeski
  4. “The Right to Cry” by Matt Elliott
  5. “Where Are Our Monsters Now…?” by The Stranger
  6. “Rose Tattoo” by Dropkick Murphy’s
  7. “Cinco Minutos Con Vos” by Elvis Costello & The Roots
  8. “Pull My Hair Back” by Jessy Lanza
  9. “Fall Underneath” by Snakadaktal
  10. “Nickel Tree Line” by Ron Block
  1. “You’re Damaged” by Waxahatchee
  2. “Out of Mind” by Beaches
  3. “Brighter!” by Cass McCombs
  4. “Erre” by Boogarins
  5. “Euporie” by Causa Sui
  6. “Exit!, Pt. 1” by Fire! Orchestra
  7. “Ljoss” by Forest Swords
  8. “Is That Enough?” by Yo La Tengo
  9. “Rest Assured” by Oh Pep!
  10. “Somebody to Love” by Valerie June
  1. “New York Counterpoint” by Kuniko Kato
  2. “The Harbinger” by Julianna Barwick
  3. “Allegheny” by Mustered Courage
  4. “I Come From the Mountain” by Thee Oh Sees
  5. “Chum” by Earl Sweatshirt
  6. “Giorgio by Moroder” by Daft Punk
  7. “From the Ages” by Earthless
  8. “When That Head Splits” by Esben and The Witch
  9. “Sacrilege” by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
  10. “Wombat (Live)” by Phish

Well, I haven’t got much more to add. If you really can’t wait to find out what might make the Triple J Hottest 100, then maybe check out The Warmest 100. They managed to predict 92 of the records in last year’s list, so it will be interesting to see how they fair this year. Probably better than myself.

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